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Lisa Merck

Founder & Owner​


Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Lisa is a natural at injecting, IVs, procedures, and aesthetics. She has a soft hand a

nd touch and desires to make you look and feel confident, natural, and amazing.   Lisa loves attention to detail and has been injecting since 2016. 

Lisa has been a health care provider - Advanced Practice Nurse since 2004 and a Registered Nurse since 1996. She is the owner & founder of Fusion Aesthetics as well as Fusion IV Hydration Health & Wellness & Sopris Clinic.  Lisa's first clinic was opened in 2011.

Along with her love for a natural artistic look, Lisa provides the most up-to-date aesthetic services & has special certification in each procedure she performs in her Aesthetics Clinic & Spa.

Along with her love and desire for preventative health, wellness and aesthetics Lisa has also started her own organic skincare serums for purchase to facilitate cellular growth and skin rejuvenation ~ Fusion Skin Serums.  You can purchase Lisa's amazing serums right here online.  

Along with Facial Aesthetics, our clinic & Spa also performs IV hydration, vitamin infusions, vitamin injections, acne assistance, weight loss, & blood work.

Prevention is the key to health, wellness, & beauty.  Lisa wants you to feel confident coming and going into her Aesthetics Clinic & Spa and believes confidence starts with education, knowing all the risks and benefits of your treatments, and building a collaborative, confident, and safe relationship.

Give Lisa a call today for a complimentary skin/face consult to see what treatments or injections are best for you or book an appointment to meet Lisa in person and start your beautiful uplifting journey to a more confident you!

We always start off slow restoring your natural given beauty.  Our primary goal giving is to give you a subtle, sweet, rejuvenated, & refreshed look.

Enhance your perfect all-natural beautiful features and stay forever young!

Smile Your Beautiful

Prevention is the number one key to your health, wellness, youthful looks, and beauty.  Beauty starts from the inside!   

"Live the Beautiful Life".